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Welcome to the home of Slyresources, a repository of computer related projects and interesting files.

The Slyzresources archive is a mass collection of various files that have been resourced, hand picked or custom created and documented by the internet user "Slyz" and generously hosted by "Psycho Merlin".   

More than a decade of internet browsing, programming and information exchange has been culminated here in one foothold domain, for anyone that should find themselves interested in systems development, computer and/or systems programming, software deployment or animated 3D model creation, to advance their abilities at work or perhaps even to begin learning the basics of game development.

With the amount of data contained here within it is of course obvious that not everything here are projects that i myself have worked on but is rather, a collection of all the files, documents, samples, sources, examples and tutorials that i have used and collected to build and increase my Self Taught knowledge.
Also it should be obvious that a lot of files are compressed archives in *.rar, *.zip, *.tar or other similar file type and you may not currently have the compatible software to extract the compressed files contained within said archive in question... should you find yourself in such turmoil, simply download and install WinRaR and it will handle these archived files    

Now that i have accumulated the knowledge that i feel currently comfortable with, i would like to do the honorable thing and give back, return the favor in kind and help share and spread this society building and peace forming information. Education is the key to a better world

The large number of files contained on this site include:
You will also find custom made tutorials associated with the Delphi and 3D Studio files and projects.
Additionally there are quite a number of other tutorials contained within the repository, some of these include C language programming, Assembly language hardware programming for PICMicro MCUs, Wafer cards and x86 architecture, Win32 MZ Hexadecimal editing, electric motor and circuit construction and finally Arc welding and spray painting.

The site, you should find to be easily navigable with the side menu (buttons) and the top menu (buttons) on the files page.

Additionally a full featured comment post based chat system has been embedded into the site for you to leave messages and ask questions, but bare in mind that anyone and everyone can comment and there are no user accounts kept on the server, you simply supply a user name and defeat the security challenge and your in!.